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Watch: Project Update

Welcome to this brief update for the Triangle Bikeway Study! This video will take you on a bird's eye view of a similar project, provide an overview of the Triangle Bikeway Study process, tour the recommended route, and ends with visualization of the project.

Watch: Public Input Summary Presentation

Public Input Summary provides a review of the public survey results, including visual aids to represent survey participants' desired destinations, commuting patterns, estimated frequency of use, cyclist type, and route preferences. Additionally, feedback from various key stakeholder meetings is summarized and a comparison of survey respondents' demographics to actual demographics of the corridor is provided.

Watch: Case Studies Presentation

There is not much precedent for bike paths along highway corridors in North Carolina, therefore, the project team identified and reviewed several case studies across the country in order to learn best practices. Some of the specific topics of interest for the case studies include project timelines, cost, challenges, design solutions, funding sources, strategies used, and partnerships.

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